How To Reverse Diabetes With Juice

Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is important for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can actually help reverse type 2 diabetes and stop the symptoms from becoming worse. A quick and easy way to add fruits and vegetables into a busy schedule is by juicing.

Juicing can be done with a professional juicer or with any regular blender. It is fairly inexpensive and a great way to add key nutrients to your diet to help reverse the symptoms of diabetes. Some key things to remember before juicing are to keep the produce cold, not overload the juicer, and juice small batches of fruit at a time. Also, drink your juice immediately (do not store it) for the highest quality.

If you don’t have a juicer, you may want to try making smoothies with a regular blender. A healthy smoothie should include frozen fruits, crushed ice, and a little yogurt or milk to add texture. You don’t need to add syrups or sugar to make the smoothie taste good! You can also buy nutritious powders (like whey protein or fiber) to add a boost to your smoothie.

Here are some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables to include in your juice or smoothie. (Remember, the more color you add, the better it is for you!)

    Red Peppers
    Butternut Squash

Raw juices contain natural nutrients that provide antioxidant, antibiotic, and hormonal balancing benefits. Adding green, leafy vegetables helps to cleanse and heal the gastrointestinal tract, and many vegetables help keep blood glucose under control.

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