As medical experts continue to debate whether or not "healthy obesity" can even exist,

Taking blood samples for glucose readings is one of the unfortunate side effects of

Diabetes can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to foot sores and

The American Heritage Dictionary defines homeostasis as a state of equilibrium, as in an

Diabetic test strips are one of the biggest expenses in diabetes care. People who are on a fixed

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are becoming quite popular for people who are generally healthy.

Since one of the most important tools in battling diabetes is the glucose meter, there are many

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Men with diabetes are twice as likely as other men to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). What

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Children with type 2 diabetes are much worse off than adults, a new

A recent study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that people

A diabetes diagnosis often sparks a newfound resolve to adopt healthier eating and

The smartphone is becoming a diabetic's best friend.

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