Difference Between Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Insulin resistance occurs when insulin is produced by the body but not used effectively by the cells.

Non Invasive Blood Glucose Meters: The Future Isn't So Prickly

Taking blood samples for glucose readings is one of the unfortunate side effects of diabetes.

Healthy Meal Plans for Diabetics

It's important to follow a healthy diet if you have diabetes.

Diabetes and Beer: How It Affects Your Blood Sugar Level

Having diabetes can present many different challenges including what to do about drinking alcohol

Diabetic Fainting: Two Types of Syncope

Fainting, also called syncope, results from a temporary insufficiency in the supply of blood to the brain.

Can Diabetics Eat Rice?

Many cultures use rice as a staple in their diet, and it is almost always white rice.

What Is Juvenile Diabetes?

Once widely known by the name "juvenile diabetes," type 1 diabetes is becoming more common.

How Diabetes Affects the Liver

People with diabetes have a greater chance of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease than non-diabetics.

How To Cut Diabetic Toenails

Diabetics are prone to foot problems.

Foods A Diabetic Should Avoid When Taking Coumadin

Coumadin® (warfarin sodium) is a prescription medication that treats existing blood clots and aids in the prevention of new ones.