Scientists have Discovered Another way in Which Insulin-Producing Cells Die

Scientists in Italy and Texas now have discovered a new way that these cells die by toxic imbalance of a molecule secreted by other pancreatic cells.

A Fatty Liver may be a Warning Sign for the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) found that individuals with fatty liver were fi

Possible New Treatment Developed for Diabetes

A new study in the lab is proving to look promising for diabetes

10 Week Diabetes Prevention Program in South Carolina

South Carolina hospital system has created a 10 week diabetes prevention program geared towards African Americans

Regulatory Protein Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers at the Children's Hospital in Boston, led by Umut Ozcan, MD, have found a regulatory protein that lowers blood sugar levels when it is high due to either lack o

Change Your Lifestyle to Reverse Diabetes

Changing your lifestyle can help to reverse some types of diabetes

Cell App Can Help Manage Diabetes

A new app being developed can help people to better manage diabetes

Recent Study Shows Standard Blood Test Not as Effective for Diagnosing Diabetes in Children

Doctors are increasingly using a convenient blood glucose test for diagnosing diabetes and pre-diabetes in children however, a study performed by the University of Michiga

College Life of a Diabetic

Tyler Stevenson shares his story of college life as a diabetic.

People at Risk for Developing Diabetes Offer Clues for New Medications

People with prediabetes also known as metabolic syndrome have been able to help researchers discover a new gene that may be one of the causes of type 2 diabetes.