How Byetta Helped My Out of Control Diabetes

I have Type 2 Diabetes which, like a lot of people out there, I struggle to control.

Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor Approved for Children

U.S. regulators have now approved the continuous glucose monitoring device made by Medtronic, Inc. for use in children ages 7 t0 17.

Type II Diabetes: Non Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

The term diabetes refers to higher than normal levels of sugar, or glucose, in the blood.

Foot Issues Related to Diabetes Awareness Month

Did you know that April marked Foot Issues Related to Diabetes Awareness Month, how often are you checking your feet?

FDA Warning On Byetta – Is It Safe?

I had mentioned in a prior post that at the advice of my doctor I had begun taking Byetta to help control my Type2 Diabetes.

Diabetes and Denial

Unfortunately Type 2 Diabetes has the highest denial rate of any disease known to man. I know this to be true from my own experience.

How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Diabetes and Raising Blood Sugars?

Small amounts of alcohol will not hinder your control over diabetes but there are some precautions that diabetics should take to make sure that alcohol can be safely enjoye

Being a Diabetic Can Be Fun

Jason Statham in “Diabetes”

A sweet summer blockbuster guaranteed to get your blood sugar level rising.

Lower Your Blood Sugar With These 3 Daily Tips and Understanding the Glycemic Index

With millions of sufferers out there, all with varying degrees of glucose intolerance, don't panic you are not alone.

Technological Advancement in Treatment of Diabetes

Treatment of Diabetes has advanced in the last 50 years or so.