Are Most Diabetics Fat and Lazy?

Do people start off fat and then develop diabetes? Or are they predisposed to getting this shitty disease in the first place.

Type 2 Diabetes Raises the Risk of Parkinsons Disease

A shocking discovery is just coming out linking Type 2 Diabetes to Parkinson’s Disease.

Inhaled Insulin Exubera by Pfizer Discontinued? What Happened?

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has decided to discontinue their inhaled insulin Exubera.

Reader Email – I am a 56 year old diabetic…

I got this from a reader and wanted to see if anyone had any specific help for him. I don’t have any experience with Insulin so I’ll give it to people who do:

Diabetes Live Is A Great Tool For Those Living With Diabetes

The following is a sponsored post

November Is American Diabetes Month

Just when you thought Diabetes was being left out of the disease awareness month trend comes American Diabetes Month.

Mayo Clinic Partners with Gaiam to Produce Diabetes DVD

Gaiam and the Mayo Clinic have teamed up to produce and market a series of wellness solutions DVDs including one for Type Two Diabetes.

I Drink Alcohol Not Green Tea to Reduce My Diabetes Risks

With New Years Eve is right around the corner I thought I would share some information that was recently discovered showing that alcoholic beverages reduce diabetes risks.

Hypoglycemic Alert Dogs

Have you ever heard of a dog that could sense when blood sugar is dropping to an unsafe level?

Should I Consider Gastric Bypass Surgery to Cure My Type 2 Diabetes?

I’m 36 and at my 7 year mark now after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and I’m considering getting gastric bypass surgery.